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Inexpensive and versatile labelling

We are able to customize any vinyl decal to meet the requirements of your project. Whether the application is safety or manufacturing our vinyl decals can be supplied in any size, shape, colour, and finish.

We also supply reflective or glow in the dark vinyl decals for industrial applications. Used primarily for application which don’t require the durability of metal signage. The benefits of vinyl decals are cost, flexibility and thinness.

Safety Decals

B-595 is available on request. B-595 indoor/outdoor marking film is a high gloss, durable, flexible, permanent acrylic, pressure sensitive adhesive product which is highly pliable material with high-tack permanent adhesive for rough, highly textured, dirty and harsh environment surfaces – including outdoors. It can be applied at cold temperature.

B-595 is used for Pipemarkers, Arrow Tape, Warehouse Marking, Warning Panels, Safety Signs, Arc Flash and Visual Workplace labels. Brady B-595 is RoHS compliant to 2005/618/EC MCV amendment to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC. 

DANG-10 (2.5″ x 3″)
DANG-11 (4″ x 6″)
DANG-12 (custom size)
DANG-20 (2.5″ x 3″)
DANG-21 (4″ x 6″)
DANG-22 (custom size)
WARN-10 (2.5″ x 3″)
WARN-11 (4″ x 6″)
WARN-12 (custom size)
CAUT-10 (2.5″ x 3″)
CAUT-11 (4″ x 6″)
CAUT-12 (custom size)
CAUT-20 (2.5″ x 3″)
CAUT-21 (4″ x 6″)
CAUT-22 (custom size)
NOTE-10 (2.5″ x 3″)
NOTE-11 (4″ x 6″)
NOTE-12 (custom size)

Pipe Decals, Arrows and Banding

Pipe markers, banding tape and directional flow arrow tape are used to identifying pipe content flow. They are made from durable material, designed to withstand some of the harshest environments.

They are available in a range of sizes and colours.


Arc Flash

Arc Flash Labels identify potential hazards with energized switchboards, panel boards, control panels and much more. Standard arc flash labels are available with either “Warning” or “Danger” headers. Write-on labels are also available. Arc Flash labels indicate the equipment-specific hazard information. These labels meet all current OSHA, NFPA, NEC and NFPA70E requirements.

These can be customized to meet any requirements.


PermaSleeve, Wire Marking Labels

We can supply heat-shrinkable electrical wire identification tags that are flame-retardant and can withstand extreme temperatures. They are 3:1 heat shrinkable sleeves that fit snugly around wires for maximum insulation protection and permanent identification.

These markers are fade-resistant and smudge-proof, ensuring a superior aesthetic appearance.

We supply a wide range of sleeve sizes and wire diameters.