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What is the average cost of a lamicoid?
Lamacoid pricing will vary on material, size, thickness and characters required.
Do you supply the tape with the lamicoid?
Yes, we can supply a high-performance tape. Long-lasting, all-weather acrylic adhesive holds up in extreme cold, heat and humidity.
Can you bevel the corners of plastic lamicoid?
Yes, we can provide a 45 degree angled edge upon request.
Can you provide safety signs in reflective material?
Yes, safety signs can be reflective.
Can you engrave tools for promotional items or gifts?
We can engrave on a wide range of products, send a picture or give us a call to see if we can engrave your item.
How long does normal order take?
Regular small orders on in-stock items will take 1-3 days. Larger orders or non-stock items approximately 10-14 days.
Does your company work evenings or weekends if we are in a rush for signage?
Yes at Assured Engraving we understand that last-minute orders are essential for finishing a project. We will work weekends or evenings to fulfill your rush order.