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Safety Signs

Keep your employees safe

Use our safety signs to keep your employees safe from hazards and instruct them on the proper precautionary measures. Our safety signs are OSHA compliant with the official headers, colours, format and sizing.

Our custom safety signs will help communicate to everyone on the worksite that there are potential dangers. Even customize your messaging by creating your own safety sign.

Safety signs can be made from lamicoid, Dibond, aluminum or decals.  We can meet your company requirements. Customized options are available.

Only need a temporary sign? Let us know and we can use a less adhesive tape, or a thin magnetic back, for your sign. We also have the option to add holes of any size to your sign, allowing you to hang or fasten it. 

Commonly Ordered Safety Signs

Part # SSG001

Part # SSD002

Part # SSN003

Part # SSM004

Part # SSC005

Part # SSD006